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There's a new denim in town, Goldsign. LA-based designer Adriano Goldschmied, the man behind jeans giants Diesel and Replay, launched Goldsign in 2005 with a collection that took denim to couture-like levels of craftsmanship. The cutting-edge washes, signature stretch fabrics and hand-distressed detailing ensure that the quality of each pair of jeans is just as exclusive as their ultra flattering fit.  Oh and, Kate Middleton wore them last week - so they must be cool (I too am getting slightly tired of her wardrobe being news, but hey, the girl looks good) - she's had them for years though, here she is in them in 2008, and Kate Moss is her faded style.

Kate Middleton

Kate Moss

Now, I have a phobia of trying on denim.  Last time my mood swings were so bad, that whenever I get angry my boyfriend says, 'now don't you get all trying-a-pair-of-jeans-on on me!'  Yup, that bad.  So I'm not really sure what possessed me to waltz into Selfridges of my own accord and try these Goldsigns out.  But jeez, these guys are good - they felt amazing on, no muffin top, no having to go a size up.  These were my favourites:

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