High Street: COS SS11 Phase 2

COS is quickly becoming our absolute go-to store for our Monday to Friday outfits.  Want a white shirt, or perhaps a work-ish grey dress?  Go to COS to get one with the X Factor.  Their tailoring and minimalist-chic take on workwear really stands them out above any other store in the UK at the moment. Cheaper than Reiss, and better put together than Topshop or H&M, you really cannot go wrong.  We've bought their grey shirt dress (below), silk camis and little black work dresses. 

I've got this one - absolutely love it, takes the shirt dress to a new level.  The shaping and tailoring is second to none; it's the one piece of workwear I own that my boyfriend compliments me on, and whenever he has a work do on he always tells me to wear it!

Also have this dress - it is super comfy as it is made from T shirt material, yet well shaped so completely office savvy!

Their pieces are affordable, versatile and also don't have any risque hem height or bust lines - completely suitable for the office, and yet fashionable enough to head straight out after work in.  I've just come back from a trip to their Regent Street store and picked up a gorgeous dress, will try and post about it soon...

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Wow everything is so beautiful!

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