[Craving] Duchess of Cambridge's Issa dress collection

It was no surprise that Kate has worn a couple of her favourite Issa dresses on her trip to Canada this year.  This purple gown does what Issa does best; portray elegance, class and simplicity all in one.  Kate's wardrobe is proving to becoming the most desirable British asset of all time.

I have a feeling L K Bennett will do quite well out of this trip too, as she has worn their shoes to death so far...  The maple lead brooch was also a loan from her grandmother in law, the Queen.  Dear Queenie wore it during her own Canada tour in 1951 .

Kate's love of Issa dresses is no new thing.  For a start she wore the designer's now infamous blue gown when she and William announced their engagement.  Brazilian born and London raised/trained, Issa is becoming an essential brand for any fashion savvy British woman. I've had a little hunt and found some brilliant bargains on The Outnet:


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