High Street: Zara's J Brand Cargo Jeans

The main item to branch out of SS11's military trend was J Brand Cargo Jeans (or Houlihan pants, as their official name), worn by everyone from Angelina Jolie to Rihanna.  You can wear them for anything, anywhere - we love them.  But they were quite pricey, and remain so, so we stepped back from purchasing.  Luckily Zara have come up with a brilliant like for like pair, for £25.99.  We spotted them on a girl on Carnaby street today, and assumed they were J Brand - but no!  Here they are:

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Michelle's Style File said...

These pants are great! Good price too.


Charlotte B said...

I love them, and such a good price too! Good old Zara, I am defo going to try and get a pair!! xx

Lily said...

I LOVE my j brands and have a similar pair by joes as well !


natalie said...

i want those pants! great finds :)

nice blog!


Noelani said...

Annnnnd this is why Zara is so brilliant. They could have saved me a lot of money!! I did buy my J Brand's about a year ago and can definitely say I got my money back in wears. They do go with everything!

The Mad Twins said...

These pants are so amazing :)


Sheela said...

great blog!!!!! love it

join me

Unknown said...

Those are amazing! I wish there was a Zara near me!


Anonymous said...

I own a fabulous pair of skinny cargo pants by ASOS, perfectly suited to my shape. I dream of owning J Bran, they look like they fit so well, but maybe I just need to take a trip to Zara instead!

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