Designer: The Chanel 2.55

It's the bag every girl could so easily add to their wardrobe - so much so, if we had a pound for every copy we've seen, we'd probably have enough to buy a real one.  Here are our favourite pics from a assorted mix of blogs, sites and papers...

South Molton St Style


Roxy Heart said...

I would love to have one! JUST ONE! I wish they weren't so expensive!

Unknown said...

chanel is my fav!!!

<3 steffy
Steffys Pros and Cons

Ronn said...

My dad bought my mother a lovely plain black one for their anniversary two years ago,

so say i covet it is an understatement, but she won't let me borrow it, not even just once! xx

Charlotte B said...

Ah love the picture of the little girl with her Chanel bag! My friend has a little one and is just about to but the big one... so jealous!! xx

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