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I mentioned a few weeks ago that my boyfriend's cousin is getting married in 3 weeks, and I've been having a huge stress over what to wear for the wedding.  We've been together for years, but I haven't met this side of the family before and it's a big wedding - mixed up with it being the day before Ibiza (I'm on hourly holiday countdown), I've been a little bit distracted.  But yesterday, I finally found my dress - and it encompasses my two favourite trends for SS11 - floral and structure!

I love the shape of this dress - it's amazingly flattering as the structure of the skirt hides thighs and also the cut at the shoulder disguises that awful underarm-sag that everyone does their best to deny/hide.  It's brightly coloured but not too much - and most importantly, it looks far more expensive that it's £69.99 price tag. The print really reminds me of the Erdem ones below:

  Pictures from Fashion Design blog

Also, the shape is just like the Mary Katrantzou SS11 collection, as below with the out-shirt and sharp hemming.  Overall, I am too happy for words with my dress - and it comes in plain pink, white and sailor print!

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Anonymous said...

I really struggle to find things that fit me in zara which is a shame as I love the structure of this dress, I'm a big fan of those style of skirts. Perfect for the wedding (I am so jealous that you are going to Ibiza and I'll miss it this year, the first non-ibizan summer for ages sob sob!) Enjoy!

Unknown said...

It looks wicked but I fear my legs couldn't carry it off (so to speak!)

Charlotte B said...

I tried that exact dress on today as I have a wedding coming up too and thought that dress would be perfect! Unfortunately the small was too big, and there was no XS so I will have to see if I can get my hands on one somewhere else.
Really like your blog btw, I have just set up a blog too, would be great if you could follow me x

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