High Street: Primark (Swimwear)

In case I haven't mentioned it enough - I'm off to Ibiza in 3 weeks with 7 of my best friends.  Cannot wait - especially as London is doing what London does best and staying grey, muggy and generally bland. (although according to reports, it will be 25 degrees on Saturday)  We had that lovely nice weather for the Royal Wedding (I wasn't here, boo) and now we'll have a couple of lovely weekends before the leaves start going brown...  Bitter?  Moi?

But one of my best summer discoveries so far has been Primark's swimwear. Cheap as chips but stays in place, survives in the wash and more to the point - looks really good on!  Bikini tops are £5, bottoms are £3 - and costumes vary between £5 and £8.

For all of you Stateside - really sorry you can't buy this stuff, but you can Forever 21 for which I am eternally jealous of...  Other Primark bargains featured on SMS Style are here.

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Lindsey said...

these suits are amazing!! lovee :)

follow each other?

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