High Street: Bally Alicya Heels vs ASOS

I am actually not a huge shoe fan, which may shock a few people.  I don't have thousands of pairs and very rarely tread far away from buying staple shoes.  I live in Russell and Bromley courts and Tory Burch pumps (in my dreams).  But one look I've really loved this year is the block heel, and having made the rash conclusion in my head that this look is here to stay, I've just bought these from Bally:

They will last me forever, and my landlord definitely will not notice that I haven't paid my rent, the boyfriend is away and so I can hide them in secret - all is good.  But, annoyingly I saw a really similar pair this morning that a client was wearing, and unfortunately for me (but great for you) they are from Aldo and cost an awful lot less than mine...

Very similar look, and achieves exactly the same goal - you can wear them casually or with a smarter outfit.  Buy these, not the above - jeez, I hope Net a Porter do refunds.

South Molton St Style


the nyanzi report said...

Vote with price.

Anonymous said...

I am not a huge shoe fan either, I don't own thousands of pairs, but I must have been channelling you this week, as I invested in a natural coloured pair with a fabulous heel from the Sigerson Morrison sample sale in NY. Don't get a refund, as I am sure that the investment will pay off long term!

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