[Craving] Zara City Bag

Gah, found something else I will definitely need to purchase this month.  This means that my new flat will have to go without running water for a couple of weeks.  Ah well, good job the weather in London isn't all that great - I can have a 'natural' shower in the garden... It's all about bold colour bags this season - still drooling after a Celine clutch!  Zara have come up with an alternative to the new Bostons...

I suppose at £69 it isn't all that bad - but the trouble is I've had lots of little '£60 isn't all that bad' purchases this month - which when you have forgotten about the sofa you bought from Habitat (which caused me to scream with 'current account fear' yesterday) should be enough to make you STOP BUYING things.

For those of you who aren't in the midst of a housing/furniture crisis, please buy this bag.  It's wonderful and deserves an appreciative owner.  I am so surprised how few of them I have seen around town, given the price and beauty.


Lily said...

Love that bag in the last color !!


Anonymous said...

I was thinking about buying a neon Cambridge satchel but you might have changed my mind here... I love the electric blue colour (yes if only the Celine clutch could be ours!) thanks for sharing!

Christine (Fash n Chips) said...

I was/am so tempted to get this bag as well, but first of all I can't decide which colour I like best and 2nd I reallllly don't need another "€60 isn't all bad"- purchase either this month haha. Maybe I can find it on sale in a few months time, I'm sure I couldn't resist then ;p

x Christine

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