High Street: ASOS Salon Chiffon Dress

The guys at ASOS have a new range called ASOS Salon.  It's fab for people like me who have a mental fear of charity shops and vintage.  As amazing as it looks on people, and maybe even on me - someone could have died in it. 

Their range has beautiful appliqué finishes, floral shapes and a palette of sugary, ice-cream shades which if any will remain timeless. From 1920s inspired shift dresses to 50s prom outfits - the guys at ASOS towers have got it nailed.  My favourite piece so far is this Chiffon Dress - a steal at £85.

I love the innocence of it, it looks like a pure, simple occasion dress.  Saying that, you could mix it up with a contrast look - a leather jacket or a sharply tailored tuxedo and get a totally different look.  Would be tempted to add in the leopard print shoes in Animal Print post just to spice it up.  Or keep it as it is and look like butter wouldn't melt.

South Molton St Style


Megan, said...

Looooove that dress!

Unknown said...

Now THIS is a dress!

Anonymous said...

I haven't caught up on your blog for a while and now I remember why - you always give fabulous suggestions for clothes I fall in love with! You are a dangerous blog for me to know :-) (And here I am,off to check out ASOS salon right now....)

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