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For those of you who love your shoes, and like something with a twist, look no further than United Nude.  Launched in 2003 by two architects from Amsterdam, their classic shoes have a unique twist - putting together comfort and modern design.  Their stuff has a really strong Dutch feel too - classic, classy and durable.  The guys at Surgery PR introduced me to them a few weeks ago, and after seeing the AW11 range at their press day last week, I'm pretty excited about them.

The Eamz pump above, comes in 3 colours - all very neutral/subdued.  I really love how from the front they look like any other regular heeled shoe - but then from the back you get this amazing style that really funks up any outfit.  You could wear these for work, weekends - and any other activity you can think of... Similarly the Block pumps below (in two heel heights) are fabulous day time to play time...

I am dying for a pair of the Blocks, having seen them in the flesh they really are beautiful.  And being someone who doesn't deviate much from something that looks quite Russell and Bromley - esque, thats quite a statement.  They have a great range of 'classics' on their website, including these great very-2011 Eamz X Elastics...

I just love how these shoes don't have ridiculous heel heights - they are made for the busy woman.  See for yourself and and check them out yourself at Selfridges as they currently have a pop up store in their fabulous Shoe Lounge... They will be displaying 30 of their top key styles for the season along with two of their design projects : Lo Res project and Moonshoe project.

Or visit United Nude. Prices start from £100.

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Roxy Heart said...

OMG they are so unique! I want them all!

Allie said...

Wow these are so gorgeous! You can tell that an architect designed them. I'm with you on the block shoes, I'm not sure if I could handle anything too crazy.

LittleMissLee said...

oh amazing shoes, I love those first wedges


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