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There was one discovery that I made during press days that I never thought I'd blog about - Sugar Jack.  I have to admit, I have worried about what a girl does when she has a baby - not the birth and parenting, but what handbag do they have?  Can't believe I just admitted that to you. 

Sugar Jack has the answer; luxury changing bags.  I'll admit, my browsing for these comes very prematurely - I am not planning on popping out any mini mes (or mini hims) for sometime - but for anyone who is, you should know about the following:




All of them come with a changing mat and thermal bottle carrier.  Designed as an alternative to the Bayswater or the Marc Jacobs handbags you carried pre children - up close these don't look like baby bags - so you could use it even when you go out with minus the little one...

Starting from £189...

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