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Courtesy of the lovely Mia at Color me Green I have discovered Jeffrey Campbell shoes.  Affordable luxury at it's very best. LA based, Jeffrey Campbell has slowly become the footwear brand to know in the US. As the collection has grown, the family based company have worked diligently to offer a point of difference in the shoe market. 

Based around vintage inspirations, runway trending and the grind of daily life, Jeffrey Campbell has emerged as the footwear choice of the A lists, but most importantly - normal girls like you and me. A few years ago, they became available in the UK and Europe but remain a boutique name in the market - own a pair and you will instantly be considered as knowing your shoe-stuff...

These were the ones that Mia talked about in her posting on them (click the above link to her page to see her full piece).  Love these shoes, fairly versatile - and very reasonable at around £90.  If you think about the number of times you spend £40 on shoes that fall apart - it's surely worth paying a little bit more for a little bit better?

My personal favourites are the red ones above, but that's because I remain quite cautious with my shoes and don't really make purchases that are a million miles from my Essentials rules.  I love the 1970s idea with the wooden heel too.

All shoes are between £70 and £120, which is very reasonable for such high quality.  Check out their website, where you can find a full list of stockists.  The easiest place for people in the UK to find them is at Urban Outfitters.

South Molton St Style


Michelle's Style File said...

Gorgeous shoes indeed! Love those silver ones.


Natalia | Look-A-Porter said...

I loooooooooooooooooooooove Jeffrey Campbell shoes so much. They are incredibly comfortable, I could probably run a marathon in my platform wedges if I had to. :)

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