Look for SS11: Red Trousers

Noticed a trend that seems to be catching on in the UK - red trousers.  Seem to be worn far more as day wear, with lots of denim or sharply tailored options.

Cheryl Cole, Katie Holmes, Rachel Bilson and Sarah Jessica Parker

I've had a good look around as I want to buy a pair of these myself.  Not sure whether to go down the jeans route or the trouser one - both have their advantages.  Really like the idea of some staple heels, red tailored trousers and crisp white shirt...  Here are the best ones I have come across:

Oasis - £45

think these are my faves, first saw them in Grazia, and they're the only ones that don't make my legs look like things that belong on poultry...

Happy Shopping!

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Allie said...

I definitely think you should go the trouser route. Red denim can sometimes look a little too punk rockish. And I never ever see girls in colorful trousers! It'd look a lot more unique.

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