The Essential: Hunter Wellington Boots

Short of Christmas present ideas for your nearest and dearest?  Hunter wellies are all the rage...  Everyone seems to be wearing them, as shown through these pictures.  Jeez, people even where them in CITIES.  Times have changed - and proves all things British are best.   If you ever intend walking in mud or attending a festival - Hunter Wellington Boots are the only acceptable footwear.

If you are not a British resident, you probably won't understand what I am about to say: I cannot understand how for a moment Hunter wellies went from being an English-staple to a global fashion statement.  Mud.  Farms.  Walking - this is why you wear them.  They are an essential here because we have rubbish weather. So you can imagine my surprise when I was stuck behind a sea of New Yorkers a few weeks ago, all buying Hunter Wellington boots, complete with funky coloured socks.  Erm, what?!  I was then in Miami and a guy had a pair on on South Beach to walk his dog.  

Another reason is festivals, Glastonbury, Lovebox, V - and now it seems, Coachella.  Kate Moss, queen of making rough look ready, leads the pack - but the usual festivalers follow closely behind.  I absolutely understand this, festivals are muddy, wet, dirty - oh no wait - Coachella is in 36 degree sun?!  Hunters are up there now with all the other heritage British fashion labels; Burberry, Barbour and Churches...

So, I conclude that despite the snide giggles I make at all the hoards of people buying them to walk around a city - Hunters are a staple.  If I see you wearing them on the street I will probably laugh at you, unless your street is 2 foot under in mud.  Buy your pair from Hunters from the John Lewis website - £69, but your children and theirs will wear them after you...  True investment.  And they look even better when covered in mud.

All pictures are from this pinterest list.

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Kristy Elena said...

i can understand the appeal, i don't think that it's a bad look or anything, i just have absolutely no desire to wear these except for what they are meant for. there are so many cute/funky/rough/edgy boots that can be worn, i just don't know if i'd be able to rock these without feeling silly. =P

have you worn them out and about town?

Kristy Eléna - Full Time Fabulous
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SMS Style said...

Hey! No thats my point, they are great for what they are made for = mud. For anything muddy, go ahead! But when I was in the US I thought it was insane that Upper East siders were queuing to buy them to 'strut' around Manhattan. Bizarre! x

Anonymous said...

Wore mine on the way to work this morning in tribute of this post!

And changed into a pair of TB flats upon arrival:)

Liz x

Arden Rubens (TOPCOAT) said...

Love them! Such a necessity. xx

Unknown said...

I don't have any and I really love them paired with tights...they're lovely. :)

Sarah Betty xx

Pearl said...

Nothing better than a little puddle stomping and knowing your toes are safe from the elements :)

great post!


Anonymous said...

It IS weird to wear them in the city but living in Manhattan I have to say that winters are ridiculously wet and the streets ridiculously uneven and that makes for ridiculously huge puddles. Apart from wellies I have yet to find a pair of boots that's not soaked after about three blocks. Never wanted to but it makes sense now! (Although it's actually quite dry right now.)

Lindsay said...

I love this post. I agree w/ the comment above me. Manhattan gets super puddles during winter. Otherwise, why?

wellies said...

Look beautiful. Love them!

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