High Street: H&M Market Bag

Every year there is one little piece of ridiculous on the catwalk.  And this year it was somewhere quite unexpected - the Jil Sander catwalk.  Amongst the genius skirts, tees and jackets was this, the market bag (below).  The blogs went crazy, followed by the press - 'Must have: The Plastic Bag.'  The world went mad.

Even madder it seems, when the price is revealed at £90.  That's £89.95 more expensive than the Sainsburys equivalent.  As supermarket chains try and stop you from buying too many bags, Jil Sander is encouraging you to go crazy and purchase a bank busting one.  It was only going to be a matter of time before the high street made an equivalent - and the guys at H&M have done it.

H&M - £15

It's less stupid, it's actually quite nice - and most importantly - I wouldn't think you were an idiot for buying it.

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Unknown said...

Cool colours, but I just can't get on with bags without zips or proper fasteners...

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