Look for SS11: Brights - Orange

This really is the most fabulous of colours. Who on earth would have ever thought that the pair of Calvin Klein tangerine flares I bought when I was 13 would ever come into fashion? I asked my mother for them, but she openly admitted she burnt them on the sly…

In the past, orange hasn't been the easiest color to wear, but with some tweaks from design masterminds, it's now a must-have shade.Calvin Klein seems to be leading the front with his pieces draped all over Gwyneth (above) to Diane Kruger. Warm, deep oranges are popping up everywhere, from dresses to belts to handbags - but note how basic these guys' accessories are with the colour. Keep it simple. It also showed up in a number of Prada looks, in both single-color dresses and in the boldly colored stripes that have been another theme of the season. Here is a good high street number for you from Mango, a gown and a possible daywear piece:

Mango have some fantastic orange bits and pieces - simple t shirts and well fitting trousers all reasonably priced. This seems to quickly be becoming the way to work the 'bold' look, I have seen a lot of people around South Molton St doing it. Really like the colour here, for some reason it feels a bit of more wearable than the others. I'm going to buy these and wear them much as the model is here - with a neutral colour top and dark shoes. Would look great in summer with some high sandals too - ie: go to Aldo.

Check at COS for some amazing orange pieces that annoyingly you can't put on here as all their advertising is through video - I popped into the store in Regent St last week and found some amazing dresses, cardigans and tops.  Love this Zara bag too - eek - goodbye pay cheque! Keep posted for our next colour of choice!

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think only the bag would work with my colouring.

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