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Marlene Dietrich

Believe it or not, there was a time when women wore heels every single day.  Even in the house - on days when they stayed inside.  Then came the revolutions - the brogues for women. Marlene Dietrich, the woman responsible for most things mannish on the catwalk in the 1920s made headlines with her outfits. She wore tuxedos, cut her hair short and strutted around town in a pair of dapper brogues, spearheading a trend for androgyny that has never disappeared. 

Now we have a whole wave of people who wouldn't even think twice about wearing them - Alexa Chung, Sienna Miller, Leighton Meister, Blake Lively and normal people like you and me.  At first, I wasn't too keen - 'Why would I want to wear boys' work shoes?'  Well, I'll tell you - because they are so effing comfy (if you buy a good pair).  They are the smarter and more comfortable take on trainers, and far more 'any-time acceptable.'

For those of you who really can splash the cash - go no further than Church's.  Their flapship store is on Jermyn Street off Piccadilly, and it really is a treat.  Their brogues will stand the tests of time.  Founded in 1873 by Thomas Church, the brand is the epitome of British heritage wear.  For those of you not in London, check out the link above to seee Net a Porter's selection.  I've found a gorgeous pair of summer brogues, for £240.  Eeek.  But if you think of the old age excuse to buy - price vs number of wears - then they will probably work out at less than a pound a time:

and wear them like this:

For a more price conscious pair, go to the usual shoe homes: Office, Topshop, Russell and Bromley.  Remember though; these are worth investing in - you'll wear them every day and the whole point of brogues is that you can walk in them.  Otherwise you'd be in heels, right?  To get an idea of the different styles, I've found a few high street ones for you:

and my favourites:

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Lily said...

Love them on Sienna and I love the pair from Topshop!


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