Essential: Marks and Spencer Insolia Black Heels

Ah I've turned into my mother - I just bought a pair of shoes from Marks and Spencer.  But you know what?  I don't frigging care - these were a steal in the sales reduced from £49 to £20 pounds...

Now I am slightly nervous that when I describe why I bought these, it is going to sound something similar to when a nurse suggests pantyliners to an 80 year old but please go with it - Marks and Spencer have a new range called Insolia.  Insolia is an extra something special in the soles of the shoe, which means that your distribute your weight more efficiently - and therefore don't put all the pressure on the front of your foot.  You can honestly feel the difference, and as someone who is sadly often in flats - I can wear these all day without any trouble at all.

When you look at the website, there are definitely some pairs for the mothers and some pairs for the daughters - but, honestly my classic black stilettos are working wonders for me and I am wearing them to death - I just can't wait for them to arrive in cream!  I wear mine in the office, and weekend drinks.  I was even walking around in them in my PJs at the weekend just to prove to my boyfriend I could wear heels for 24 hours straight (I needed to convince him of the purchase as only his grandmother apparently buys shoes from M&S).

Visit the website here: Marks and Spencer Insolia Range - standard price is £49, but many are reduced to £20.  Trust me on this, buy them - they're amazing!

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Allie said...

So cute! And they'll go with anything. Great pick.

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