Hello, September. Goodbye, Battersea!

Well, hasn't this been a whirlwind of a year!?  I can't quite believe it's September already, and had the sudden guilty feeling that I only blogged once last week.  Apologies to anyone who is used to more content (hello, Mum) but I've got quite a bit on at the moment, and rarely share whats going on in my little world so I thought I would!

The summer had distinct ups and downs and after feeling under the weather (a combination of being pretty unwell and run down at points and then the other extreme; eating and drinking too much) I have decided to undergo a detox for 12 days.  I'm 7 days in and (as you'll know if you follow me on Twitter) I'm pretty staggered at the result.  I'm the most cynical person when it comes to dieting, in my book if you eat less and drink less you will ultimately weigh less - and vice versa.  This Chris James Cleanse is insane, I've lost 6 inches and 7 pounds so far.  Easy it isn't (it's essentially vegan and gluten free) but so worth it.  Really changed the way I think about food, although I'd be lying if I said I wasn't fantasising over the pizza I'm going in inhale at the end of it. However, it feels fantastic to be able to shop for the autumn with confidence.

my favourite AW14 picks from Atterley Road

Ben and I are moving house this weekend.  It's been a long-old process, we have redeveloped a former art gallery in Clapham into a flat.  Turns out it takes a lot of work (!!!) but our new home is 99% ready and we cannot wait to get in.  Best of all it has a super huge living space which I can blog to my heart's content in, which is good news as I have a couple of exciting collaborations coming up over the next couple of months (including a great competition with one of my favourite brands). So you'll see a lot more home related pins on Pinterest here, and I'm considering branching out and doing some posts around it too as we're putting a lot into decorating our home and the refurbishment itself might be interesting for some of you...

my favourite AW14 picks from Topshop

Work wise Pitch and Post is now up and running and in full swing, our campaign for Monica Vinader went live and we're now planning our next round of collabs which is extremely exciting. On top of that, we've got a big family wedding (which I will be Instagramming the sh*t out of as I know it's going to be beautiful - got my dress and my shoes sorted) and then there is London Fashion Week.  I'm not the biggest fan of sitting ring side at the shows, it's all a bit of a farce and I'm never going to be one of those street style girls, but I do love the evening events and catching up with friends who are visiting over the weekend.

my favourite AW14 picks from Net A Porter

I hope you all have a great September and enjoy the start of autumn. For me it's my time for dressing, I love the layers and the thicker fabrics, above is my edit of favourite autumn buys from my favourite places at the moment: Atterley Road (this lace top and this jumpsuit/dress should be enough to convince you), Topshop (I mean these are just, wow) and Net A Porter - and a special mention to Club Monaco (Ralph Lauren's edgier monochrome sister, just opened up close to me on the Kings Road - this is a must have).


[Essentials] The Little Black Dress

This is hardly ground breaking news, but I've decided a little black dress is the bee to my honey when it comes to fashion essentials. The truth is I've never really had one and when sorting out my wardrobe this week I realised there is a rather epic hole in my closet... Which needs to be filled. ASAP.

for spanish style LBDs like Miroslava Duma try here and here

Shape wise, it totally depends on your figure.  I have to be fitted at the top as my waist is my thinnest part. I love, love, love scuba necklines as they are so slimming across the shoulders and also make my boobs look perter (I asked my stylist friend, and she agreed, so it's not just me going mad).  The colour is perfect, no-one looks rubbish in it. Even very pale skinned people can do a "Cate Blanchett" and look very erm, pale and interesting.

for tunic/shift style LBDs like this try here and here

Short dresses aren't just for your teens, I've found that my ideal length for a dress is about 5 inches above my knee (because above that, it all goes a bit wrong and I start to resemble a blancmange) - if longer than that I need to be careful because it actually makes me look really chunky, I was blessed with my Dad's calves and small feet which doesn't help me in the proportion stakes.

What I love is that they can be worn all the time.  Black looks great in summer with coloured heels (particularly the Italian themed ones, think Dolce and Gabbana advert) for a lunch or with sandals for flapping around town. On the reverse, you can't really beat a LBD for a party and I've never seen a friend in one that hasn't had it commented on - absolute fail safe. I want to find my "I have nothing to wear, so I'm wearing this" dress, and quick...

for long and simple LBDs try classics like here and here

When I've been shopping for mine, I've looked at the clothes I already have and what makes me feel good - basically I'm looking for the same silhouette as when I wear my pencil skirts and scuba tops and vest tops. Or on the flip side, sixties style long sleeved shapes (like this one) make me feel like dancing around the room like a twit. I'm willing to invest in this, and by invest I mean around the £250 mark.  I really do believe I'll be in it for years (until of course my inner Gwyneth comes out and I shrink to a size 6 and live on kale chips by the sea, which is a day in my life I am yet to be convinced will never happen).

Here are some special finds on the investment side of things: I recently discovered Halston Heritage and am hastily awaiting the arrival of my first of their dresses.  If you're after something sleek and simple at around the £200 mark, look no further than them. You can also find a great selection of their dresses at The Outnet. Classics wise, designers like Calvin Klein are perfect. This dress screams yes, and so it should for the price. Victoria Beckham also has a lot to offer you for this kind of thing, like this. For something a little more fierce, brands like Rag and Bone are perfect. This dress at Net A Porter is beautiful and could easily be a daytime piece as much as for a night on the tiles.

for long sleeved LBDs try here and here

On the high street there are some great options too.  Black is a colour you can often wrong, and when done cheaply looks like a blue/black rather than proper black.  Always try and find a navy item in a store and put it up against a black one - will show you the true colour (ideally put both next to a pale/white piece).  Shape is crucial but the high street are doing this really well at the moment - after that, it's all about fabric. As always, steer clear of the polyester.

for jersey maxi dresses try here and here

First stop, ASOS. If I am ever trying out a style for the first time I always go here first. For example, if you want to try out the maxi-dress look (like above) then this one is great for £30. For a short sleeve version this is a no brainer. This spanish style dress (like Miroslava Duma's in the first picture) is a bargain for £22. Topshop have some great options, and if the price doesn't sell this dress to you - let the photo of Cara Delevingne in it do it for you instead. Or, this one for £22 is a great starting piece if you want to test the shape of a fitted dress for the first time (ps, I bet you will love the scuba neckline - it's faultless).

Whistles are great for this kind of thing and are a nice premium high street option, meaning lower prices than designer but excellent quality for your £. They actually have a great option in the sale, this one is reduced from £395 to £95! New season wise, this classic swing dress is fantastic and I challenge any shape not to look good in it... Lastly, if you're after something more contemporary make COS your friend.  Their Scandi-sleek LBD options are outstanding: here and here. Enjoy!


[Essentials] The Grey T Shirt

I haven't done an essentials post in a while, and as they are the foundations of this blog I feel a little bad.  It's well timed, I move out of my Battersea flat in a few weeks and am currently going through a wardrobe cleanse.  I have thrown out a lot, and have other bags for selling and charity shops.  I find it super therapeutic.

So, back to the essentials.  This post is all about the grey tee shirt.  A simple, understated top that every girl should have.  It's just one of my twenty odd essentials boards I'm accumulating on Pinterest here.  It's more laid back than it's black and white friends (nothing says weekend like a grey tee and a pair of slouchy denims) and works really well with coloured skirts and tops - particularly pinks and blues, ooh not forgetting metallics.  

Admittedly this isn't one for hot weather.  Grey cotton is the worst for sweat, so if you are one of those who does get a little sticky in the sun - steer clear until the summer calms down.  I have one, but there is an argument to say you need two - one fitted, one oversize.  My fitted one is from Reiss a couple of years ago.  It's been worn to death, but still hanging on in there and looking good.

Recommendations for brands are as follows: For fitted tees, the high street do them well.  Topshop, COS and Uniqlo will be good enough quality.  For the oversize, thats where you need one with a slightly higher price-point (it's all about the fabric, people make the mistake of forgetting you need fit even more with larger things than tighter ones). Peridot, Splendid, James Perse and Rag and Bone are all favourites - invest in your (t shirted) chest my friends, you won't look back (although do keep an eye on The OutNet for deals, they have some good ones here).

Pair them up with your leather jackets, black denims and utility shirts for weekends, or with pretty lace skirts, prints and heels for something a little more... Enjoy!