Weekends Away with L.K.Bennett*

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As followers of my Instagram will already know, a couple of weekends ago I went down to Barnsley House in the Cotswolds with Claire to shoot a project for L.K.Bennett. I chose the hotel having been there before, I went down last year and had a brilliant time but more importantly knew that the gardens would be the perfect place to shoot the outfits I'd picked out. Come and have a look...


Summer Feet with Marks and Spencer*

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It's officially summer and let me tell you how I know... My feet are out. As much as one of my things is keeping my nails nicely (I have a manicure every two weeks in the cheapy place by the station near me and it's my little treat to myself and has been for years) my feet don't always get the same love and care. When summer comes, so does the panic about about the state of my feet. So, when Marks and Spencer asked me to contribute to their Treat Your Feet campaign (see the content featuring a few influencers here) it really resonated as finding footwear that works for me for the start of the summer is really important. 



How To Add Boho Style Pieces To Your Wardrobe Without Going Full-Pelt-Hippy

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If you're anything like me nailing that "I woke up like this" boho thing is a life goal. I have spent an alarming about of time pinning, saving and bookmarking images of girls who have their tee shirts just so, skirts perfectly floating and backy-hair perfectly loose curled. In the real world I need to face the facts; I'm a short, curvy girl who needs, erm, assistance with anything a t shirt bra doesn't work with. I sadly was not blessed with those lithe limbs that look good framed by a bin bag; I need to think before I make a purchase. That said I was somewhat desperate to get some bits that softened my "look" ...

shirt, available in blackred and white / trousers / shoes / handbag / sunglasses


How To Dress For Special Occasions When Dressing Up Isn't Your Vibe

If you’re anything like me dressing for weddings, christenings and even just nights out fills you with dread. Yes I love a dress and a sandal, but the kind you can wander around the park in rather than a church or posh hotel. As a useful addition to the problem  I absolutely hate buying for the sake of it – I’ve never been one to buy outfits for a particular thing. Instead I prefer to buy things I know will work a minimum four or five times alongside things I already own. 

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So, now I’ve reached the age that I have a celebration of somebody’s life stages every four weeks, I’ve had to work fairly hard to find things that I can repeat wear – and where I don’t totally lose my style and end up feeling self conscious all day. For that reason this post isn't all about cheap options; because I think it's worth spending whatever you can afford in order to feel good and project good vibes on a day that's meaningful to your nearest and dearest (don't get me wrong, my budget isn't Gabbana but I'm more £100 over £10 when it comes to feeling good). This post serves as a little run down of the places I’ve bought things that work for me…


The Best Jumpsuits For Spring And Summer

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This out is one of many I shot whilst in Lake Como with the girls and Mr and Mrs Smith. I have to say, it was a real "pat on the back" moment. I'm not sure what or how I expected this little blog to ever develop, but I certainly never thought I'd be staying in Napoleon's former home in Italy, on the most luxurious trip I've ever been on in my life. Any way, I used it as a proper base for some content and this was one of many outfits I shot, and it's one of my all time favourites.

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