A Few Thoughts On Being An Influencer in 2017

I've put off writing this post for about three weeks. Ask any of my friends and they'll tell you I'm as subtle as a ten metre sledge hammer and I tend to really upset people when I comment on something. I don't do well with delicate people as I always manage to offend them by accident but what’s come to light is that these delicate people are prepared to say really hurtful things about me and some of my peers - and I believe that if someone’s prepared to put something out there they should be prepared to take it back. There was one comment made about an influencer I spotted on Twitter that tipped me over the edge, so here's my ten pence on what’s going on in the world of influencer marketing right now. We have to have a really tough skin and although the perks are crazy-good I think it's important to show you a few home truths. Apologies if it gets a bit ranty.

coat, Hobbs here - often sells out so I found it with another retailer, here / boots, jigsaw

The influencer landscape is changing, moved as much by influencers as it their audiences. It's an enormous but necessary learning curve that only works with contributions from both sides. But here's the thing; any blogger who started before around 2014 didn't do it for the money. We did for the love of it. In fact making money wasn't an option when we started, we were doing it either as a creative pursuit alongside our careers or to strengthen our careers - e.g: I know quite a few very junior fashion editors who weren't given the opportunity to showcases their abilities in the magazines they worked on, so used a blog to demonstrate their talent. Ironically many of these people have since sacked in the editorial world and blog full time, because they're really pretty good at it.


Getting Ready For Christmas With The White Company

Somehow unbeknown to man it's December. Everyone is saying it and my reasoning isn't by any means unique, but wow hasn't this year gone fast? I barely feel like we managed a Summer and before we had the clocks going back and it's time for Christmas! Thank goodness The White Company asked me to work with them on my favourite Christmas essentials, as without them I don't think my lot would be getting anything this year as we're so busy right up to Christmas Eve.

As you know through my posts with the brand throughout the year, there are a few Winter traditions where only The White Company will do. Cashmere socks? Has to be from them, here. Cold-weather home scent? My boyfriend and I are in firm agreement that the flat has to smell of The White Company's "Winter" scent, here. We have a bottle of the scent from last year which is sprayed around the place the minute the heating goes on.


That One Off Eccentric Purchase

I was a total tomboy growing up. I loved rugby, trains and building stuff. I didn't "waste time" with dolls and frills; I wanted to create Playmobil and Lego cities across the entire ground floor of the house (much to my poor parents' feet's despair). I know you have to be careful when describing boys' and girls' hobbies these days but in a nutshell what I mean is: I was the girl asked to "sit out" of ballet for knocking others over with my clumsy footwork, and the last thing anyone would think I'd wear would be this...

outfit links = jumper sold out similar here from same brand / skirt (comes up small) / bag / shoes are old but these are the updated ones from same brand



And Other Stories Poppy Maxi Dress

This week is going to be a bit crazy and I'm not sure how to deal with it. Two words; Black Friday. I don't want to be one of those bloggers who constantly bombards their followers with the "best deals" - but at the same time my god are there some good ones. So, I've done a little tab (you'll be able to see it on the top left of my blog below the illustration - or by clicking the "menu" tab if you're on a mobile) rather than a post and am updating it daily with offers and my picks. Influencers get emails about them in advance, so we might as well share!

outfit links = bag, Gucci (in honey, here) / dress, and other stories (in black here) / shoes, LK Bennett

When it comes to these pictures do not fear I have not totally lost my sense and bought another Gucci Soho. I was shooting with Claire and her bag went way better with this outfit than mine did. I ummed and ahhed between my colour (the honey, here) and this one - in the end the fact I wanted it for a summer wedding was the only reason I steered away from the black

I actually don't have a black bag I always go for a colour... Maybe next year. Saying that, they keep going up in price. When I first wanted one they were £565, I remember it vigilantly as I kept thinking about buying one. A year later I paid £715 and now they're £805. It's the same as the loafers which (don't tell anyone I know) I just splurged on - thats what happens when you a fantastically sh*t day and are stuck at home alone with your credit card. I digress...

Slightly Less Silly Christmas Jumpers

I absolutely love Christmas, absolutely love it. I love everything about it; the decorations, the build up, the present buying, the family seeing, the food... But the frugal side of me hates Christmas jumpers. Hate them. I don't like anything that doesn't seem like a worthy investment; ask my friends how often I quibble a bill (it can be useful but I am certain they'd tell you they've wanted to smack me over the head a few times). Having worked so hard to build a staple, constantly-useful wardrobe it seems to go against all I believe in spend money on something you only wear for that one day in the office. Then I found this...

outfit links = jumper, Gap (similar here if sold out) / jeans, Weekday / belt, Gucci (bought second hand from Vestiaire Collective / scarf, Weekday / bag, Gucci / sunglasses, Hugo Boss / boots, Toms

This jumper is basically an extension of my own, usual style. It's striped and it's the same fit as I'd usually buy - the only difference is the stripes are multicoloured and not blue and white! In fact, when Gap asked me to help them with an Instagram campaign promoting it as a Christmas jumper I was really surprised/thrilled that it counted as one. Surely this is the best possible scenario? 

Any way, it got me thinking - there must be more like this? Which is handy as my one seems to have sold out (though keeps coming back into store, check this link regularly and there is a very slightly different one here - just has a metallic neck).
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