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So, it's been an inexcusably long time since I've blogged. There hasn't been a reason for it beyond being effing busy, I haven't had the whole Instagram fatigue thing that seems to be the new trend on the internet... I just haven't had time, somehow it's been six months and now here I am. This post is on my favourite jewellery bits and bobs, but before I start let me declare an undying love for these jeans. Followers of my Instagram will already know that I own several pairs. As a complete denim snob, they are a good £100 less than any other pair I own but I cannot get enough of them. Find them here, and if they have a pair in your size just bl**dy buy them because they don't stick around in stock for long...


*Wardrobe Basics With Ralph Lauren

As followers of my Instagram will already know, I went to over to New York for a long weekend at the beginning of November. One of my best friends lives over there , our birthdays are 5 days apart (and we've done all the big birthdays together) o we decided to celebrate together once again. Timing was perfect as I'd just seen the guys from Ralph Lauren who asked me to pair up with them to show you a selection of their classics...

Not Another Ganni Maxi Dress

I was never going to write this post at the risk of repeating myself. Me wearing a maxi dress is hardly breaking news. Up until the spring you'll find me wearing one of two outfits; jeans and a (most likely grey, or possibly if I'm feeling wild, striped) jumper or a maxi dress and ankle boots. I've already done a post on my favourite maxi dresses for the year (here if you've missed it) so surely that's me done? Nope. But with good reason; Black Friday means this dress is 25% off at the moment in the Net A Porter private sale (which means you must be a subscriber) - find it here.  Secondly, the boots are 30% off from here (link to entire Net A Porter private sale here - Thank me later...).

outfit links dress / boots / bag 

Ooh and on the subject of Black Friday lots of you have been asking about my newsletter. The plan was to do one on Thursday AM but different brands are doing different offers so I think I've got no choice but to create a landing page that I'll update daily and send a little newsletter from Wednesday. Sign up here if you want it.

other great Ganni picks



Sezane, is it worth the hype?

This is a question I get asked almost daily on Instagram. When Parisian brand Sezane dropped in the UK, so did the sanities of many a Francophile. When Morgane Sezalory (even if you don’t know how she is, when I say “typical, lithe, cute French girl” the person you’ve got in your head is her) launched the brand in France, with an aim to create “thrift-store-like-staples” in 2016, I very much doubt she’d thought beyond clothing her own circle of friends. Because she’s Parisian. 

 Fast forward to 2018, a shed ton of Facebook marketing (umph) and all the cool-club wearing it on Instagram and we all would give up Idris’ mobile number to get hold of it all…

I can say this with experience of working for a French brand; Parisian women know their sh*t. The brand I worked for barely had a returns policy when it launched globally because women in France never return anything, because they never order anything they don’t know that they need and will fit. They know their inside leg, ankle and hip measurements as well as they know their mobile numbers. They have brands they stick to, and will only switch if someone they know and love is involved (cue, Sezalory).


How To Wear Leopard Print, The 2018 Update

Ok, so this is no new thing is it? Leopard print has been around for a while. Jenna Lyons (AKA my style icon if I was to have such a thing) said that leopard print is a neutral, and best worn when considered that way. I have to say I think she is right. I was so nervous of it for so long, starting with the odd scarf or little detail, but now I sit any type as a fully fledged, head to toe, leopard print affectionado. I really think it's all to do with the quality of the fabric; if it doesn't have a good weight to it, or is quite plastic like, you've lost me.

I borrowed this L.K.Bennett dress for an event and absolutely love it. The brand really understand a woman's shape, so as much as it is more expensive than others I also really understand why. It's not my only one, I'm also the proud owner of a beloved Lily and Lionel maxi dress which I absolutely love, even though the fabric is a little light for the colder months. So, here is my edit of favourite finds - and there are some real goodies.

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