Afternoon tea at The Berkeley with Jimmy Choo

Just a quick little post from me today as I've been so, so busy - suddenly panicked and realised I hadn't blogged - which is so annoying as I've been doing some really cool stuff recently (note to self: must do better)... Any way; ever so often being a blogger is ace, Wednesday was one of those days. Myself and some of my blogger friends (Anneli, Emma, Briony, Shini, Monica and Kit, to be precise) were all treated an afternoon of everything I love; cake, champagne, and more cake.

And I don't just mean any cake, I mean tea at the lovely Berkeley hotel in London, shaped as shoes and handbags - plate after plate for hours on end. You can see my gobsmacked face in the above picture. I was in my element (even more so once the champagne kicked in).

The Berkeley's Pret A Portea has been running for some time, but their ingenious collaboration with Jimmy Choo continues until the 27th of October.  The atmosphere was really, really chilled - I expected it to feel a lot more pretentious as their website strictly says no vests, sportswear or ripped jeans (i.e: quite a bit of my wardrobe) - but it's got the balance entirely right. It felt special, and like you should make an effort - but not stifling, and was very relaxed.

I wore some lovely Jimmy Choo heels for the occasion, my new (best purchase ever) grey jumper from ASOS which I now want in every single damn colour (outfit post to follow, we stayed chatting for so long that it was dark and rainy by the time we left) and my failsafe black AG skinny jeans.

If you've got a friend or family member's birthday coming up, or just fancy treating yourself - please do so here. It's so easy to forget when you live in London quite how great your city is and how much it has to offer. This experience was a fantastic reminder!

Thank you to Jimmy Choo and The Berkeley for being amazing hosts!


[Trend] Little Fluff Bags

photo via Pinterest from this blog

This is a super short post as I'm frantic with various work projects at the moment (all very exciting and I shouldn't complain, but I'm so tired and really want an evening just to watch all of my rubbish TV and Sky haven't installed in our new place... first world problems). Although this phrase (the post's title) is my affectionate name for my dog, this time around I'm actually talking about handbags. Or clutch bags, more specifically. 

my super fit friend Pin Sykes from Sunday Times Style

I don't know about you, but everyone around me seems to be strapped for cash right now. Maybe thats why all the stores have gone into sale, to tempt us to go in with our last remaining £20 (which isn't made EXTREMELY hard when The bl**dy OutNet do the bl**dy Marant jumper I want for bl**dy 70% off). 

Any way, for that reason I've been on the look out for real bargains or simple little bits that will update my wardrobe really quickly. Freddie told me about an ASOS clutch she'd bought (here) and it got me hooked looking for others. On top of that some of my favourite street style muses have all be donning them. Conclusion: it's a must have. Here are my faves:

Over and out xx


[Feature] The Perfect Little Black Dress with L.K.Bennett

Freddie and I arriving at the hotel for our yummy dinner

It's really difficult to find the perfect little black dress, and for that reason I've never had one.  There was a more obvious gap appearing in my wardrobe, particularly now that the Christmas parties, work parties and birthday bashes are starting to appear (Christmas is 11 weeks away!). For me, winter is always a bit more dressy as in summer you tend to be out all day in the sunshine and then pile in to an event - in the darker months you're more inclined to make a bit of an effort and get the glad rags out to cheer yourself out of the cold..

afternoon tea and biscuits whilst getting ready!

L.K.Bennett have recognised this exact issue and created a selection of 6 dresses, housed under the Little Bennett Dress campaign. There is one for every shape and size, and to celebrate they asked myself, Alex, Freddie, Monica, Julia and Lucy to come and enjoy an evening with them at The Savoy with each of us championing a different dress from the range.

I picked out a little sparkly number (usually very not me, and having had so much fun wearing it I'm planning a lot more glitter in my winter wardrobe) and paired it with some pony skin baby pink heels.

my inner magpie coming out and spying on all the treats in the gift shop!

We were spoilt with lashing of tea and biscuits whilst Blow did all of our hair and make up (I love my side plaits and have been trying to work out how they did them ever since... I'm such a novice with my hair!). Once ready we were all taken around the hotel to have out photographs taken by the lovely Kris Atomic and Justine.   So much fun... Freddie and I nearly locked ourselves in the Marilyn Monroe elevator, and there were a lot of confused hotel guests wondering what we were doing..!

L-R: Alex, Julia, Monica, Lucy, me and Freddie

Getting me (and a few of the other girls) out of jeans and t shirts isn't an easy task, it was so fun to dress up properly and feel really smart.  On top of that when you live in London you often forget to take use of the city - it was lovely to get to enjoy one of our finest hotels. All of the other girls looked so great, and it was amazing how each of us really suited each style... I loved the back detail of Lucy's dress, and am desperate to get my hands on Alex's to pair up with some ankle boots for autumn!

It's not often that we bloggers get to hang out together in such a relaxed environment, L.K.Bennett and The Savoy could not have made us more welcome. The food at Kaspars (the seafood restaurant inside the hotel) was incredible - I've never had a club sandwich like it... It was so nice to catch up with the girls and find out what is going on with us all.  Freddie has recently become part of the ASOS online styling team, Julia's tales about her adorable toddler had us all getting very broody, and Monica, Alex and Lucy's summer holidays were enough to make anyone jealous...

This post is unusually long, but simply because there was just so much to share.  Do check out the other girls' blogs (links above) and the L.K.Bennett campaign page showing our entire afternoon here.

The dresses are all available on the L.K.Bennett site, along with a number of other lust-worthy pieces. Have a look at the whole selection here (or see our individual dresses below).

This was a sponsored collaboration with L.K.Bennett. Project managed by Pitch and Post